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Data Browsing

Developers have several data browsing tools to aid them in writing applications using Aerospike Database.

Aerospike Data Browser


Data Browser has been deprecated. It will not be available for download after June 10, 2023. Please use the Aerospike JDBC driver for visualizing data in the Aerospike database.

The Aerospike Data Browser is a standalone desktop application that lets you visualize and explore the data stored in your Aerospike Database using ANSI SQL. It consists of a Quix UI, Presto, and Aerospike Connect for Presto. Presto complements the native functionality of Aerospike Database, such as providing aggregate functions.

The Data Browser is intended as a developer tool, not as an analytics tool. For complex analysis of large data sets you should consider Aerospike Connect for Presto and a multi-node Trino cluster.

For instructions on downloading, installing, and running the Data Browser, see the aerospike/aerospike-data-browser repo in GitHub.

Aerospike JDBC Driver

The Aerospike JDBC Driver is a JAR that plugs into popular database tools such as DBeaver, SQuirreL, DataGrip, and Tableau. It can also be used directly by a Java application.

Whereas the Data Browser is a heavy tech stack with maximalist functionality, the JDBC Driver is lightweight and minimalist. Only functionality that is native to Aerospike Database is supported, avoiding the use of UDFs and client-side workarounds.

See the aerospike/aerospike-jdbc repo in GitHub for instructions and examples of supported SQL statements.


AQL is a CLI with text-based data browsing capability. See the AQL documentation for more.