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Installing the Aerospike Shared-Memory Tool (ASMT)


The Aerospike Shared-Memory Tool (ASMT) backs-up and restores Aerospike shared memory segments to disk, enabling warm restart across reboots.

Download ASMT

You can download asmt packages manually for the same Linux distributions supported by the server. Read the release notes of the version you are downloading.

Automating downloads

You can automate downloading versions of ASMT packages from the artifact repository. See the FAQ on downloads for details.

Base URL<version>/

Debian Format


Support for Debian 10 ARM64 was removed in server 6.3.


version: 1.2.2, and so on

distro: debian11, debian10, ubuntu22.04, ubuntu20.04, ubuntu18.04

architecture: amd64, arm64 based on dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH


Support for Debian 10 ARM64 was removed from Aerospike 6.3.

RPM Format


version: 1.2.2, and so on

RHEL: el9, el8, el7

architecture: x86_64, aarch64


Debian packages

sudo dpkg -i asmt_1.2.2-1ubuntu22.04_arm64.deb

Red Hat packages

sudo rpm -Uvh asmt-1.2.2-1.el9.aarch64.rpm