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Aerospike Loader Options

-h <hosts>List of seed hosts, where Aerospike servers are running127.0.0.1
-p <port>Port to use with the host specified in the -h option.3000
-U <user>User name
-P <password>Password
-n <namespace>Namespace to load data into.test
-c <config>JSON formatted configuration file specifying parsing attributes and schema mapping.
-g <max-throughput>Set a maximum target transactions per second for the loader.0 (no throttling)
-T <transaction-timeout>(In milliseconds) Timeout for a transaction during write operation.0 (no timeout)
-e <expiration-time>Expiration time of records in seconds. Other valid values are: set it to -1 for records to never expire and 0 to use server default.-1
-tz <timezone>Time zone of data backup source. This value is used when loading data of timestamp datatype. For example, if data backup location timezone is X and that data is to be loaded into server located in Y timezone, then specify X's timezone. Valid values are standard three-letter codes such as PST, EST, etc.local timezone
-ec <abort-error-count>Error threshold to determine when the loader should stop loading data. Set it to 0 to ignore the threshold.0
-wa <write-action>The possible values are: 1) UPDATE - Create or update records. Merge incoming bin values with existing ones, 2) UPDATE_ONLY - Update existing records. Fail if record does not exist. Merge incoming bin values with existing ones, 3) REPLACE - Create or replace existing records, 4) REPLACE_ONLY - Replace existing records. Fail if record does not exist, 5) CREATE_ONLY - Create new records. Fail if record already exists.UPDATE
-tls <tls-enable>Use TLS/SSL socketsFalse
-tlsLoginOnlyUse TLS/SSL sockets on node login onlyFalse
-tp <tls-protocols>Allow TLS protocols. Values: TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2 separated by commaTLSv1.2)
-tlsCiphers <tls-cipher-suite>Allow TLS cipher suites. Values: cipher names defined by JVM separated by commanull (default cipher list provided by JVM)
-tr <tls-revoke>Revoke certificates identified by their serial number. Values: serial numbers separated by commanull (Do not revoke certificates)
-um <unorderedMaps>If this flag is present write all maps as unordered maps.
-uk <send-user-key>Send user defined key in addition to hash digest to store on the server. (default: userKey is not sent to reduce meta-data overhead).
-vVerbose mode. If this option is specified, verbose mode is enabled and additional information is displayed on the console.DISABLED
-uDisplay command usage.
-VPrint the asloader version.