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Install Aerospike on Linux

Aerospike Server is developed and optimized for 64-bit Linux, and comes packaged as .rpm, .deb, binary and source tarballs.

Linux Tuning - Best Practices

Follow these best practices to configure your Linux servers for stability and performance.

Supported OS Versions

It is not necessary to use homogenous versions or distributions of Linux for all nodes in a cluster, but all nodes should run on supported Linux distributions or versions. In addition, using heterogenous OS versions might make troubleshooting because of an increased number of variables to consider.

Install on Red Hat

Install Aerospike Server on Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, Fedora, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux, and other Linux distributions using .rpm packages.

Install on Ubuntu

Install Aerospike Server on Ubuntu Linux using .deb packages.

Install on Debian

Install Aerospike Server on Debian Linux using .deb packages.

Install using Binary Package

Install Aerospike Server as a precompiled binary for Linux.

Building from Source

Build Aerospike Community Edition (CE) from source on a 64-bit GNU/Linux system. Source code and instructions are available at the aerospike/aerospike-server repository on Github.