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Working with the Aerospike Monitoring Stack dashboards

Example PromQL query used in the dashboard

An example query to compute and view transactions per second (TPS) for Aerospike read operations is detailed here.

The query passes the following parameters to the rate() function:

  • The metric name aerospike_namespace_client_read_success.
  • The job label as aerospike.
  • The cluster_name label as aerospike-release-aerospike-enterprise.
rate(aerospike_namespace_client_read_success{job="aerospike", cluster_name="aerospike-release-aerospike-enterprise"}[1m])+
rate(aerospike_namespace_client_read_not_found{job="aerospike", cluster_name="aerospike-release-aerospike-enterprise"}[1m])

Query results

The query returns the per-second average rate of increase in TPS for Aerospike reads.

The following results are displayed in the Prometheus dashboard.

Prometheus dashboard example console

Example graph

Prometheus dashboard example graph

Other operations on the dashboard

In addition to queries, you can also check the status of scrape targets, alert rules, configuration, and more.

Prometheus status menu