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Aerospike Connect Logging Configuration


This section controls connector log output. Generated log files are rotated daily and by default the last 30 days worth of logs are retained.

filenoThe output log file path. Rotated logs will be placed in the same folder as this log file.
enable-console-loggingnofalseWhen set to true and a log file is also specified, logging is sent to both console and the log file. enable-console-logging is false by default but if a log file is not specified, it is forced to true.
max-historyno30Maximum number of log files to retain.
levelsnoMap from logger name to its log level. Valid log levels are error, warn, info, debug, trace.
ticker-intervalno10Ticker log interval in seconds.


file: /var/log/aerospike-pulsar-outbound/aerospike-pulsar-outbound.log
root: info # Set default logging level to info.
record-parser: debug # The Aerospike record parser class.
server: debug # The server class logs.
com.aerospike.connect: debug # Set all the classes to default log level.