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Getting Started

Thank you for participating in the Aerospike Cloud Beta program. The following procedure will get you started with Aerospike Cloud.

Supported browsers

The following web browser versions are supported:

  • Chrome 64+
  • Edge 79+
  • Firefox 67+
  • Safari 12+

Database details

Aerospike Database version:

Number of namespaces per database: 1

Namespace name: aerospike_cloud

Consistency mode: High Availability

Write block size: 1MB

Capacity settings:

  • Maximum unique data: 18.7 GB
  • Maximum number of objects: 20M
  • Maximum read operations per second: 12,000
  • Maximum write operations per second: 4,000

First steps

  1. Create an account

    Navigate to You can sign up with either a Google account or with an email address and password.

  2. Create an organization

    Your organization allows you to grant access privileges to other users. The organization name can be 1-100 characters long. Once an organization is created, the name cannot be changed.

  3. Create a database

    • Click Databases in the left-side navigation.

    • Click Create new.

    • Choose a name for your database. The database name can be 1-100 characters long.

    • Click the Create Database button.

      The new database appears in your list of databases along with its status. New databases take about 10-15 minutes to launch. When the status changes to Running, the database is ready.

  4. Create an API key

    API keys authenticate users for database access.

    • In the Databases panel, select the database for the API key.

    • Select API Keys from the top navigation.

    • Click New API Key.

    • Enter a name for the key and click Generate Key.

    • The new key's secret appears in the dialog box. Copy it and store it in a safe place. If you lose the key secret, there is no way to retrieve it; you must delete the key and generate a new one.

Next steps