AsyncClientOperate(BatchPolicy, BatchWritePolicy, BatchRecordSequenceListener, Key, Operation) Method

Asynchronously perform read/write operations on multiple keys. Schedule command with a channel selector and return. Another thread will process the command and send the results to the listener.

Each record result is returned in separate OnRecord() calls. If a key is not found, the corresponding result resultCode will be KEY_NOT_FOUND_ERROR.

Requires server version 6.0+


Namespace: Aerospike.Client
Assembly: AerospikeClient (in AerospikeClient.dll) Version: 6.0.1
public void Operate(
	BatchPolicy batchPolicy,
	BatchWritePolicy writePolicy,
	BatchRecordSequenceListener listener,
	Key[] keys,
	params Operation[] ops


batchPolicy  BatchPolicy
batch configuration parameters, pass in null for defaults
writePolicy  BatchWritePolicy
write configuration parameters, pass in null for defaults
listener  BatchRecordSequenceListener
where to send results
keys  Key
array of unique record identifiers
ops  Operation
read/write operations to perform. Get is not allowed because it returns a variable number of bins and makes it difficult (sometimes impossible) to lineup operations with results. Instead, use Get(String) for each bin name.


IAsyncClientOperate(BatchPolicy, BatchWritePolicy, BatchRecordSequenceListener, Key, Operation)


AerospikeExceptionif queue is full

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