ListReturnType Enumeration

List return type. Type of data to return when selecting or removing items from the list.

Namespace:  Aerospike.Client
Assembly:  AerospikeClient (in AerospikeClient.dll) Version: (5.1.1)

public enum ListReturnType

  Member nameValueDescription
NONE0 Do not return a result.
INDEX1 Return key index order.
  • 0 = first key
  • N = Nth key
  • -1 = last key
REVERSE_INDEX2 Return reverse key order.
  • 0 = last key
  • -1 = first key
RANK3 Return value order.
  • 0 = smallest value
  • N = Nth smallest value
  • -1 = largest value
REVERSE_RANK4 Return reverse value order.
  • 0 = largest value
  • N = Nth largest value
  • -1 = smallest value
COUNT5 Return count of items selected.
VALUE7 Return value for single key read and value list for range read.
EXISTS13 Return true if count > 0.
INVERTED65536 Invert meaning of list command and return values. For example:
ListOperation.RemoveByIndexRange(binName, index, count, ListReturnType.KEY | ListReturnType.INVERTED);
With the INVERTED flag enabled, the keys outside of the specified index range will be removed and returned.
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