BatchUDFPolicy Class

Policy attributes used in batch UDF execute commands.
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Namespace:  Aerospike.Client
Assembly:  AerospikeClient (in AerospikeClient.dll) Version: (5.1.1)

public sealed class BatchUDFPolicy

The BatchUDFPolicy type exposes the following members.


Public methodBatchUDFPolicy
Default constructor.
Public methodBatchUDFPolicy(BatchUDFPolicy)
Copy constructor.

Public fieldcommitLevel
Desired consistency guarantee when committing a transaction on the server. The default (COMMIT_ALL) indicates that the server should wait for master and all replica commits to be successful before returning success to the client.

Default: CommitLevel.COMMIT_ALL

Public fielddurableDelete
If the transaction results in a record deletion, leave a tombstone for the record. This prevents deleted records from reappearing after node failures. Valid for Aerospike Server Enterprise Edition only.

Default: false (do not tombstone deleted records).

Public fieldexpiration
Record expiration. Also known as ttl (time to live). Seconds record will live before being removed by the server.

Expiration values:

  • -2: Do not change ttl when record is updated.
  • -1: Never expire.
  • 0: Default to namespace configuration variable "default-ttl" on the server.
  • > 0: Actual ttl in seconds.

Default: 0

Public fieldfilterExp
Optional expression filter. If filterExp exists and evaluates to false, the specific batch key request is not performed and resultCode is set to FILTERED_OUT.

If exists, this filter overrides the batch parent filter for the specific key in batch commands that allow a different policy per key. Otherwise, this filter is ignored.

Default: null

Public fieldsendKey
Send user defined key in addition to hash digest. If true, the key will be stored with the record on the server.

Default: false (do not send the user defined key)

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