Statement Properties


The Statement type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBinNames
Query bin names.
Public propertyFilter
Optional query filter. This filter is applied to the secondary index on query. Query index filters must reference a bin which has a secondary index defined.
Public propertyFunctionArgs
Arguments to pass to function name, if any. Used by aggregate queries only.
Public propertyFunctionName
Aggregation function name. Used by aggregate queries only.
Public propertyIndexName
Optional query index name. If not set, the server will determine the index from the filter's bin name.
Public propertyMaxRecords
Maximum number of records returned (for foreground query) or processed (for background execute query). This number is divided by the number of nodes involved in the query. The actual number of records returned may be less than maxRecords if node record counts are small and unbalanced across nodes.

Default: 0 (do not limit record count)

Public propertyNamespace
Query namespace.
Public propertyOperations
Operations to be performed on query/execute.
Public propertyPackageContents
String containing lua code that comprises a package. Used by aggregate queries only when aggregation function is defined in a string.
Public propertyPackageName
Server package where user defined function resides. Used by aggregate queries only.
Public propertyRecordsPerSecond
Limit returned records per second (rps) rate for each server. Do not apply rps limit if recordsPerSecond is zero (default). Currently only applicable to a query without a defined filter.
Public propertyResourceAssembly
Assembly where resource is located. Current assembly can be obtained by: Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(). Used by aggregate queries only.
Public propertyResourcePath
Namespace path where Lua resource is located. Example: Aerospike.Client.Resources.mypackage.lua Used by aggregate queries only.
Public propertySetName
Optional query set name.
Public propertyTaskId
Optional task id.
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