AerospikeClientOperate Method

Overload List

Public methodOperate(BatchPolicy, ListBatchRecord)
Read/Write multiple records for specified batch keys in one batch call. This method allows different namespaces/bins for each key in the batch. The returned records are located in the same list.

BatchRecord can be BatchRead, BatchWrite, BatchDelete or BatchUDF.

Requires server version 6.0+

Public methodOperate(WritePolicy, Key, Operation)
Perform multiple read/write operations on a single key in one batch call. An example would be to add an integer value to an existing record and then read the result, all in one database call.

The server executes operations in the same order as the operations array. Both scalar bin operations (Operation) and CDT bin operations (ListOperation, MapOperation) can be performed in same call.

Public methodOperate(BatchPolicy, BatchWritePolicy, Key, Operation)
Perform read/write operations on multiple keys. If a key is not found, the corresponding result resultCode will be KEY_NOT_FOUND_ERROR.

Requires server version 6.0+

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