Value Fields


The Value type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberDisableSerializer
Should BinaryFormatter be disabled. If true, an exception will be thrown when BinaryFormatter is used. BinaryFormatter serialization is triggered when a bin constructed by Bin(String, Object) or AsBlob(String, Object) is used in a write command with an unrecognized object type.
Public fieldStatic memberINFINITY
Infinity value to be used in CDT range comparisons only.
Public fieldStatic memberNULL
Null value.
Public fieldStatic memberUseBoolBin
Should client send boolean particle type for a boolean bin. If false, an integer particle type (1 or 0) is sent instead. Must be false for server versions less than 5.6 which do not support boolean bins. Can set to true for server 5.6+.
Public fieldStatic memberWILDCARD
Wildcard value to be used in CDT range comparisons only.
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