Role Fields


The Role type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberDataAdmin
Manage user defined functions and indicies.
Public fieldname
Role name.
Public fieldprivileges
List of assigned privileges.
Public fieldStatic memberRead
Allow read transactions.
Public fieldreadQuota
Maximum reads per second limit.
Public fieldStatic memberReadWrite
Allow read and write transactions.
Public fieldStatic memberReadWriteUdf
Allow read and write transactions within user defined functions.
Public fieldStatic memberSIndexAdmin
Manage indicies.
Public fieldStatic memberSysAdmin
Manage server configuration.
Public fieldStatic memberTruncate
Allow truncate.
Public fieldStatic memberUDFAdmin
Manage user defined functions.
Public fieldStatic memberUserAdmin
Manage users their roles.
Public fieldwhitelist
List of allowable IP addresses.
Public fieldStatic memberWrite
Allow write transactions.
Public fieldwriteQuota
Maximum writes per second limit.
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