BatchRead Fields


The BatchRead type exposes the following members.


Public fieldbinNames
Bins to retrieve for this key. binNames are mutually exclusive with ops.
Public fieldhasWrite
Does this command contain a write operation. For internal use only.
(Inherited from BatchRecord.)
Public fieldinDoubt
Is it possible that the write transaction may have completed even though an error occurred for this record. This may be the case when a client error occurs (like timeout) after the command was sent to the server.
(Inherited from BatchRecord.)
Public fieldkey
(Inherited from BatchRecord.)
Public fieldops
Optional operations for this key. ops are mutually exclusive with binNames. A binName can be emulated with Get(String)
Public fieldpolicy
Optional read policy.
Public fieldreadAllBins
If true, ignore binNames and read all bins. If false and binNames are set, read specified binNames. If false and binNames are not set, read record header (generation, expiration) only.
Public fieldrecord
Record result after batch command has completed. Will be null if record was not found or an error occurred. See resultCode.
(Inherited from BatchRecord.)
Public fieldresultCode
Result code for this returned record. See ResultCode. If not OK, the record will be null.
(Inherited from BatchRecord.)
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