BatchDeletePolicy Fields


The BatchDeletePolicy type exposes the following members.


Public fieldcommitLevel
Desired consistency guarantee when committing a transaction on the server. The default (COMMIT_ALL) indicates that the server should wait for master and all replica commits to be successful before returning success to the client.

Default: CommitLevel.COMMIT_ALL

Public fielddurableDelete
If the transaction results in a record deletion, leave a tombstone for the record. This prevents deleted records from reappearing after node failures. Valid for Aerospike Server Enterprise Edition only.

Default: false (do not tombstone deleted records).

Public fieldfilterExp
Optional expression filter. If filterExp exists and evaluates to false, the specific batch key request is not performed and resultCode is set to FILTERED_OUT.

If exists, this filter overrides the batch parent filter for the specific key in batch commands that allow a different policy per key. Otherwise, this filter is ignored.

Default: null

Public fieldgeneration
Expected generation. Generation is the number of times a record has been modified (including creation) on the server. This field is only relevant when generationPolicy is not NONE.

Default: 0

Public fieldgenerationPolicy
Qualify how to handle record deletes based on record generation. The default (NONE) indicates that the generation is not used to restrict deletes.

Default: GenerationPolicy.NONE

Public fieldsendKey
Send user defined key in addition to hash digest. If true, the key will be stored with the tombstone record on the server.

Default: false (do not send the user defined key)

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