PolicymaxRetries Field

Maximum number of retries before aborting the current transaction. The initial attempt is not counted as a retry.

If maxRetries is exceeded, the transaction will abort with AerospikeExceptionTimeout.

WARNING: Database writes that are not idempotent (such as Add()) should not be retried because the write operation may be performed multiple times if the client timed out previous transaction attempts. It's important to use a distinct WritePolicy for non-idempotent writes which sets maxRetries = 0;

Default for read: 2 (initial attempt + 2 retries = 3 attempts)

Default for write: 0 (no retries)

Default for partition scan or query with null filter: 5 (6 attempts. See ScanPolicy comments.)

No default for legacy scan/query. No retries are allowed for these commands.

Namespace:  Aerospike.Client
Assembly:  AerospikeClient (in AerospikeClient.dll) Version: (5.1.1)

public int maxRetries

Field Value

Type: Int32
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