BatchPolicyrespondAllKeys Field

Should all batch keys be attempted regardless of errors. This field is used on both the client and server. The client handles node specific errors and the server handles key specific errors.

If true, every batch key is attempted regardless of previous key specific errors. Node specific errors such as timeouts stop keys to that node, but keys directed at other nodes will continue to be processed.

If false, the server will stop the batch to its node on most key specific errors. The exceptions are KEY_NOT_FOUND_ERROR and FILTERED_OUT which never stop the batch. The client will stop the entire batch on node specific errors for sync commands that are run in sequence (maxConcurrentThreads == 1). The client will not stop the entire batch for async commands or sync commands run in parallel.

Server versions < 6.0 do not support this field and treat this value as false for key specific errors.

Default: true

Namespace:  Aerospike.Client
Assembly:  AerospikeClient (in AerospikeClient.dll) Version: (5.1.1)

public bool respondAllKeys

Field Value

Type: Boolean
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